In the Right Light, Everything is Extraordinary.

The first step to a glowing home is LightR

Lighting the Way

Our mission....

We believe that luxury, timeless lighting is a statement. We’re dedicated to providing a unique lighting selection to individual collectors, commercial projects, and unique, bespoke requests. A custom range of products you won't find elsewhere.

It's all about lighting up the little moments. Conversations with friends over a bottle of wine. Bedtime stories told under a soft light to set the mood. Delicious food shared with loved ones.

With the right lighting, every moment is made brighter.


Why they love us!


Great Prices!

The prices are on point, one of the cheapest out there. If you're on a budget home makeover and looking for lights, LightR is the place to go for sure!

Lily H.


Impressive Design!

I bought three chandeliers for our home and it's just amazing. The design is perfect. It fits our home decor perfectly and eleantly! Thank you LightR!

John P.


Amazing Catalog!

There's so many to choose from! LightR's catalog has something for every home out there. Our home has never been brighter than now!

Sonya C.


Good Quality!

Chandelier is just class! Works perfectly, the fan copes with its task. Many thanks to the seller for the fast delivery and quality goods. Recommend!

Elmore Dare